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Quarantine Kids Driving You Nuts?

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Help! I have been quarantined with my children for multiple weeks and I am losing it!

We hear your cry. That is why we have compiled a list of activities you can do with your children at home based on age… and with supplies you likely have!


  • Walk: take them on a walk around the neighborhood either in a stroller or baby carrier. Of course, continue to practice social distancing and remain at least 6 feet from others. After being inside for multiple days, fresh air can feel so wonderful.

  • Tummy time….outside! Find a safe play in the backyard where you can lay a blanket on a firm surface. While staying with your infant, lay them on their stomach and help them practice tummy time outside. This helps build muscles that will help your baby roll over, crawl, and eventually walk.

  • Massage: yes, babies love getting a massage, too. There are plenty of baby massage videos on YouTube, so you can learn how to help your baby relax during this time.

  • Sensory bottles: you can make a sensory bottle out of anything you have at home. Peel the label off a water bottle and put different things inside like coins, pompoms, glitter, water with food coloring, rice, beans, whatever you have. Glue the cap on. Babies can play with these and watch how the various things move in water.

  • Bubbles: babies love to watch bubbles and will try and pop them. You can even make your own bubble solution if you don’t have any. This will also help develop their hand eye coordination.

  • Painting….wait with babies? Yes! There is an edible finger paint recipe found here. Babies learn through texture and this mixture is so fun to play with. Always keep a close eye on them and never leave their side, but you can rest assure they are safe with this recipe!


  • Water: kids tend to love water. Fill up a storage bin with water and gather cups, spoons, and other containers to play with in the water. They can pour water from one container to another. Use food coloring and color different buckets of water and work on their colors at the same time. This helps them with basic concepts, like volume, while building their strength and coordination.

  • Rice: bury puzzle pieces in rice and have your toddler dig for the puzzle piece. Next, have them try to complete the puzzle!

  • Applesauce: kids love playing with different textures. Put some applesauce in a tote and let them play, pour, shake, and feel the different textures through play.

  • Imaginative play: select a handful of toys and lay them out. Ask your child to tell you a story with those toys or make believe with imaginative play. This helps them make sense of the world around them.

  • Along with imaginative play- build a fort! We remember building living room forts as a child and those are the best memories. Plus, it’s fun for adults, too.

  • Bake some goodies! Preschoolers love to pour and measure and mix things together. Make some muffins, cookies, or a bunch of pancakes to cook now and freeze for later.

  • Hide and Seek: this is a classical game to play when you have time and not a lot of things to play with. Ensure your house is safe and if it isn’t, only play this game in the rooms that are child proof. Also, this helps them with counting skills by making them count out loud before finding you.

School Age

  • Dance party: who doesn’t love to dance? Kids have all kinds of energy, why not throw on some music and dance for a while! It can be a great exercise for you and your kids. You can even dress up to make it more special. Throw on the music and enjoy these moments with your kids.

  • Obstacle course: make a course with jumping jacks, jump rope, push-ups, running in place or a certain distance, if you are able to go outside. Put on some music and make it a contest between children. Have an award for the winner! Or you could do multiple rounds and see who wins the most for the prize.

  • Picnic: have a picnic in your backyard! Make something easy like peanut butter and jelly with vegetables on the side. Pack it up and take it to your backyard where you have laid out a blanket. Have the kids enjoy lunch outside for a change.

  • Game night: have any old board games sitting around that you haven’t played in years? Break them out! Tell the kids it’s a special night and each person in the house gets to pick a game to play. This also reinforces taking turns and sharing with others.

  • Learn clapping games like Miss Mary Mack. This not only helps teach rhythm, but it also helps with hand eye coordination and memorization.

  • Blind taste test: do a blind taste test with various drinks and food. See if the other person can guess what they had! This helps test the sense of taste, smell, and memory.

  • Make a TikTok! It's all the rage right now, and your kids will think you are totally cool!

How are you and your family surviving quarantine? Have other suggestions that you have found your family is loves?

Let us know below!

Kayla Loschky, RN, BSN

Thanks to our lovely sources:

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