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What is a Baby Nurse?

Baby Whisperers, LLC staffs registered nurses. Baby registered nurses have a RN degree and have experience as either pediatric or neonatal nurses within hospitals or outpatient centers and have taken their expertise into a home after the baby’s birth. This means he/she has a college degree, passed the board of nursing exam (NCLEX), and holds an active nursing license in one or more states. Baby nurses can help with everything that a Newborn Care Specialist or night nurse does, with more expertise and emphasis on education and lactation assistance.

Most baby nurses have worked in hospitals, so they have more comprehensive experience in assessing and identifying medical issues or concerns. A baby nurse’s goal is to educate and empower the family to transition to family care or nanny care after their term is complete. Baby nurses are a beautiful blend of being college educated, experience and expertise, responsible, and having a love for babies and children. For more information on the benefits of hiring a baby nurse, check out one of our blog posts “5 Reasons to Hire a Baby Nurse”.

Something important to note: the term “baby nurse” is inaccurately a catch-all. People tend to use baby nurse interchangeably with nanny, newborn care specialist, night nurse, etc. However, it is important to understand the difference. Not every person calling herself a baby nurse is an actual nurse, and this is something you will want to clarify before hiring someone to care for your child (we do this for you). For a more in-depth explanation on the types of caregivers, look at our blog post here about differences between nannies, baby nurses, and newborn care specialists!

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