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Hello Wonderful Nurses!


     What exactly is a baby nurse? Typically, a new family will want a private baby nurse to help transition the family and new baby into the home. The family usually wants a nurse for the first two to four weeks, but they may even request one for the first couple months of the baby’s life. The baby nurse’s role while working with this family is to educate on newborn care, establish routines, help with lactation, and give total care to the newborn. Some families are looking for live-in nurses, and others are only looking for part-time evening help. After the contracted time with the newborn nurse, a family usually transitions to a full-time nanny or feels comfortable with the newborn themselves.


     What are the benefits of private baby nursing? Of course, the first thing nurses want to know is what the pay looks like. The great news is that Baby Whisperers does not take any portion of your pay. You will remain an individual contractor during the entire process, and the family will pay you directly. We are just here to help you get the job and help you establish expectations with the family. We will also give you informational packets, resources, etc to help you feel the most prepared and guarantee that you will provide safe baby care. The rest is up to you! We work with families all over the country, so you can potentially take jobs no matter where you are located. Another fantastic benefit is avoiding bedside burnout! We all have worked bedside nursing at some point and seeing sick children every day can wear on someone. This is a way to avoid bedside burnout while still maintaining certain skills and pay bracket. Assignments are also typically short, so it is still sometimes possible to maintain your current bedside job if you wish. Other great perks are free travel, new connections, and sometimes free food! Win-Win for everyone!


     If this is something you would potentially be interested in, click the link below and fill out the short survey. This is not a commitment by any means on your part. This is just to add you to our list of potential candidates, and we will contact you in the future when jobs pop up. If you have further questions before doing this, please reach out! We would love to answer any additional questions you may have.


Click here if you’re interested in becoming a baby nurse!


Thanks so much!

Jeri Ford and Kayla Loschky

Baby Whisperers, LLC

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