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Our Matching Process

Step 1- Reach Out 

Review our matching process outlined below and reach out to us with any questions you may have. 

Step 2- Welcome to the Baby Whisperer Family

You have read our process and decided you want to become a Baby Whisperer family. Before proceeding, we require a pairing fee. This is the fee for finding a qualified baby nurse for your specific needs. Price will depend on length of time you want to book the nurse. We maintain credentialing for the nurses, cross-check their references, as well as provide them with up-to-date evidence-based practices. This is what makes using our service a wonderful option- you just tell us what you’re looking for, and we find the nurse!

newborn, baby, baby nurse, infant care

Step 3- Initial Parent Interview 

A member of our team will contact you for the initial phone interview. In this interview, we will discuss everything you are looking for in order to find the best Baby Whisperer match.

Step 4- We Search for the Best Nurse 

This step is our job. We search high and low for the most qualified nurses. We verify credentials, make sure they are properly educated on newborn care practices, and make sure they will be a good personality fit.

Step 5- Setup Interview with Nurse and Family

Although we will be confident in the match we chose for your family, most parents still would like to interview their prospective nurse. We will help set this up for you based on your preferences. We also provide outlines of recommended interview questions and things to consider, in case you are not confident in what to ask during this interview. There are many things to consider when hiring someone to care for your newborn, so we have done the hard thinking for you. If for some reason the first nurse does not seem like a good fit, we can begin the search again.


This step is also where you will discuss payment with your prospective nurse. There is a large amount of variability on this. The more extra tasks and help you would like from your nurse, the more money they generally request.  If there are twins, the live-in rate is higher. There will be a larger fee for live-in nurses vs. shift nurses. Some nurses require higher rates based on a high level of experience. You will need to have a ballpark figure in mind prior to the interview and tailor your preferences based on that.

Baby, baby nurse, newborn
Baby, baby nurse, infant care, newborn

Step 6- Choose Your Nurse

The interview went well, and you are ready to book your nurse. We will speak to you and the nurse post-interview to discuss what specific preferences were agreed upon. We will then send a contract template to you and your nurse. Tweaks and additions can sometimes be made during an assignment, but a contract helps make clear what is expected between both parties prior to starting.

Step 7- Be Happy and Spread the Word

You have given birth to a healthy baby, and your Baby Whisperer is on her way to help! We will still be available during the contract for any additional questions or concerns. We will send out a survey to see how we did and how you would suggest we improve. We would love for you to spread the word about us! :)

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