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Our Favorite Baby Apps in 2020

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Looking for some apps to help track your baby? Not sure what is out there? There are so many apps for moms and babies and it can be overwhelming. Luckily for you- we made a list of our favorites!

BabyConnect ($4.99)

This App is definitely worth the $4.99 to be able to have a lot of information in one spot!

Things we love:

o You are able to record feeds, diaper changes, sleep, medications, activities, mood, photos, growth charts, and more.

o Customize your “home screen” to show the things you record/use the most.

o Each authorized user can be assigned a title like mom, dad, baby whisperer, grandma, etc so you can see who is recording

o Automatic sync feature - all information is updated for all users where app is installed.

The Wonder Weeks ($2.99)

Ever wonder about your baby’s development? Why some days he may be more upset, cranky, cuddly, happy, etc. than normal? This app helps explain your baby’s moods in relation to his or her development.

Things we love:

o Uses your data to provide customized expected mood schedules for baby

o Educates you on your baby’s “leap”, what part of his brain is developing, and how it affects the baby

o Tracks baby’s development week by week

o Provides information to learn how to best help your baby during growth spurts

o Diary feature is a great function to record info about your baby

WebMD Baby (free)

Although you should not decide when to take your child to the doctor based off an app, this can still help put your mind at ease. Babies change rapidly, and it is nice to have a resource saying what changes are normal.

Things we love:

o This app is free- love that!

o Quick access to trusted baby information approved by physicians

o It isn’t only used for when a baby is sick, it also contains wellness resources

o Contains a baby book to record milestones from the first positive pregnancy test to baby’s first steps

o Contains short physician approved videos for tips on caring for your baby

BabySparks (free)

According to this app, 85% of your child’s brain is built within the first 3 years! This app focuses on the baby’s development and meaningful play.

Things we love:

o Provides 5 activities a day. Don’t worry- most are quick and easy.

o Tracks milestones in detail

o Provides progress reports on your baby – shows when he is on track or when there may be a red flag

o Helps you play and bond with your baby while assisting with development

o Look for activities by various milestone categories (head control, grasping, balance and coordination, rolling over, etc.)

o If your baby is premature- do not worry! This app calculates their adjusted age for their development and recommendations

o Available in English and Spanish for iOS and Android

What To Expect (free)

What to Expect is most likely the first resource you thought of when finding out you were pregnant. It has been around for decades and has a wonderful reputation.

Things we love:

o Provides over 15,000 articles regarding health news, personal stories, and extends from pregnancy into toddler years.

o Discussion boards are available to talk with other moms or parents about various things

o You can track, either your pregnancy or baby, week by week developments and progress

o Loads of information from pregnancy to different products to buy for your baby

o Known for being a community, sisterhood, family, encouraging place for parents

Baby Pics Photo Editor (free)

Yes, it is completely normal to take about 500 pictures of your baby every day. But, what should you do with all those pictures?

Things we love:

o Quickly make collages of your baby – who has time to make detailed photo art work? Not you!

o New artwork is added monthly so there is always something new to add to your collages or pictures

o Ranked #1 photo app in 90+ countries, available in many languages, but only available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

o Fun way to share multiple pictures of your baby in one collage or social media post

Kayla Loschky, RN, BSN

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