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Hunger and Full Cues in Babies

How do I know if my baby is hungry or not? Or full? Surprisingly, babies are able to communicate this to us! Continue reading to see how babies show us when they are hungry or when their bellies are full.

Signs that your baby is hungry:

  • Hand-to-mouth movements or sucking on hands or fingers

  • Fussing or crying now and then (intermittent crying)

  • Increased alertness, stretching, or activity

  • Movement of head from side to side

  • Rooting – a reflex baby has when you stroke the side of their cheek and they start looking for food. This can also happen naturally when the baby touches the skin or the nipple.

  • An increase in sucking sounds, smacking of the lips, cooing, sighing, or squeaking

Signs that your baby is full:

  • A gradual decrease in the number of sucks, or no more sucking

  • Extension or relaxation of his or her body

  • Falling asleep

  • Holding a small amount of milk in his or her mouth

  • Letting go of your breast of bottle

  • They shake their head or keep their mouth closed

This YouTube video shows some great examples of hungry vs. full babies!

Remember, at your regular checkups, your pediatrician will tell you much your baby is growing and where they are on the growth chart. They will let you know if your baby is on track, or if adjustments need to be made. See our blog post “Am I feeding my baby enough?” if you are wondering if your baby is eating enough.

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Kayla Loschky, RN, BSN


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