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Funniest Things Said During Labor!

We recently polled mommas in the Facebook group “LA Mommies” on the funniest thing they said during birth. The responses were, well, hysterical. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

“It was my first kid and the doctor said it’s time to push. I panicked and said no! I change my mind!”

“Stuff her back in, it hurts too much.”

“Right before my c-section, I was so high off of whatever they gave me that when I overheard someone mention a rival baseball team, I started talking smack!”

“I told the nurse she had bad breath.”

“I asked all the doctors and nurses to yell at me. I hate being yelled at, and it was the motivation I needed to push my baby out.”

“I told the nurses to shut up as they were chit chatting while I was in labor pain.”

“I need tequila!”

“Doc can you go ahead and do a tummy tuck before you close me up?”

Nurse: What are you feeling?

Momma: I feel a watermelon coming out of my vagina, thanks!

“Can I order pizza?”

“I’m definitely going to shit myself.”

"Yep, I'm for sure pooping."

“Can I go home for awhile? I promise I’ll come back.”

“When they asked me what my name was at check-in I said ‘Epidural!’”

“I asked the nurses if they would be my sister wives.”

“Maybe we can adopt the next one.”

“Where the hell is the anesthesiologist coming from? Tennessee?! This hurts!”

“Can you tell the nurse to be quiet? She is making me nauseous.”

“I don’t need words of encouragement, stop talking.”

“I’m not getting off this toilet until you bring the guy with the drugs.”

“Tell the nurse to have a margarita waiting for me.”

“It’s breaking me in HALF!”

“Can’t you just push down on my stomach so the baby comes out?”

“I proposed to my anesthesiologist.”

“I gave birth to the song ‘Push It’ by Salt n Peppa.”

"To my hubby: I hate you!"

“If a vacuum can fit in there, why won’t he just come out?”

“I don’t care if you have to take her out of my ear, just get her out!”

“Women do this more than once?!”

We hope these hilarious quotes made you laugh! A huge shoutout to all moms out there- labor isn’t for the weak, that’s for sure!

As always- like, comment, and share!

- The Baby Whisperers

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